Bord na Mona
Green Energy

The Brief

Create the story of construction, employment, sustainability and green energy for stakeholders, local interest, politicians and the general public for this project.

A second brief was created after production began, to provide a video presentation to win a €40 million contract in horticulture products. The presentation was a success and the video was praised as having played a major role.

The solution

Follow construction from green field site to completion.

Use of Drone footage to show the scale and clear views of the site. Interviews with key personnel and environmental experts with footage to backup their presentation.

Wind farms can be a vibrant discussion topic, we chose to show the passion and the enthusiasm behind Bord Na Mona wind farm construction and to help educate and inform the public about their intrinsic value in Ireland and how they will become a part of their ecosystem in a positive way.

The video was filmed over a period of two years.

Safety regulations and construction site restrictions meant that we had to be creative in how we would capture the right footage but we were successfully able to display the project in the best light, highlighting the many positive impacts locally and nationally.



This video was used for various tasks however the main result was its use in securing a €40 million horticulture contract for Bord na Mona. It is acknowledged as playing a major part in the presentation that led to this contract.


€40 million

contract secured for client.

Wide reach

Many local and national politicians and interested groups presented with this video with successful outcomes.

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