Bank of Ireland

The Brief

Create an emotional engagement with the Irish Diaspora throughout the world. Connect with nostalgia and a feeling of “Home” through targeted social media, engaging in eight countries.

The solution

An emotional video that brings the viewer on a journey of “Home”, family and friends and all that they left behind.

The character visits beautiful places, re-connects with family and friends and all that matters.

This video was altered with small, subtle changes for each country it was aimed at, baggage tags from that country in the shots, signage showing the flight leaving to that country etc. to tailor to each country, Geo tagged in the campaign.


Through invoking a sense of nostalgia and waking up feelings of home we reminded people it’s the little things that make home special.

Detailing one man’s journey to make it back home we showed that you will always be welcomed back in Ireland and that Bank of Ireland will welcome you back too.

The feel, look and emotions created by this video were very important in ensuring its message successfully connected with audiences. All the locations, props and colours used were meticulously sourced and chosen all with the theme of nostalgia and yearning in mind. The ‘bank book’ as the end of the video was chosen as it represents a time that no longer exists but would have been a fixture in the childhoods of the target audiences.



This video exceeded expectations in both numbers and engagement. The emotional aspect of the video brought many Irish people living around the world to comment and engage.


Over 26,000 viewers

Accepted as one of the finest productions ever undertaken by the client.

Shark Award

This video was shortlisted for a Kinsale Shark Award for best Direction

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