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Red Square Media

Red Square Media connects brands with audiences through innovative and engaging video content. We build a strategy for your brand, create and produce outstanding content, distribute to a highly relevant audience and strive to raise the bar each time.

We produce video content for social media, TV commercials, TV series, and live streaming. Working with some of Ireland’s biggest brands we strive to create relevant and intriguing content that resonates with your desired audience, creating brand awareness and customer engagement.

Our recipe for success


Employing the most innovative tools, knowledge and creativity, we craft a clear strategy that aligns with your goals to build the best route to your audience.


Creating ideas that resonate with the desired audience and has the power to change peoples minds. Our creative team is outstanding.


Our experienced and enthusiastic in house team are dedicated to creating exciting ideas and producing polished and professional video content. Through innovative techniques and creative insights, all our videos are produced to the highest standard.

We produce live shoots, aerial photography, multi-format social media content, 360° video, mobile broadcasting. We employ all of the latest technology.


Without an audience your content is worth nothing. We’ll deliver your video to the right audience via the right channels with a cost effective plan.


We measure the success of your video, then improve on the content and raise the bar on each and every production.


Our awesome awards:

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