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Virtual Event

Otherwise know as Webinars, Live streaming, Virtual Conference, Online Webcast, Online Live Broadcast etc.

A very workable plan for Covid-19 Coronavirus. Let your audience watch from the comfort of their office or home.

In this age of health issues and time poor staff and clients, virtual events are growing at a great rate. It is the next best thing to having many people in a room without much of the stress and expense of entertaining big groups.

Many people would prefer to attend a live online event, especially if they can watch it later if the allocated time doesn’t suit. You can engage with far more people for less cost.

Time saving

Live streaming your event, with or without an audience attending has many big advantages. The biggest is probably saving time for everyone involved. Time poor people who still want to engage are often left out when a conference happens. They want to get the information and to engage in conversations but just cant invest the time to travel to the event.


Budget is a consideration, when you take the full true cost of an event. For a staff training or information conference, there are many costs that can be avoided. Such as travel costs, subsistence, replacing staff for the time they attend etc. For clients, the cost of entertaining them at the conference can be put into engaging more often.


Online events allow far more engagement, surveys, questionnaires, live feedback and social media integration. The event can be broadcast on a social media platform or multiple platforms, Or, the event can be password protected to keep within a defined group.


Full analytics of interest can be fed back to the client. Social media sentiment readings can be taken, all to give superior feedback on event topics.

The broadcast build

How do we build your virtual event?

You setup your stage as with a normal event but there is no need for any audience requirements, a small room will do just fine.

A multi camera system captures all the stage action from every angle, wide and close up shots, all live mixed to deliver a highly professional broadcast.

Live Graphics, pre recorded video, ads etc. can all be added through the event.

Your logo will be animated to provide a full professional broadcast feel.


As with any conference, the secret is to keep the audience interested, engaged and involved if possible. Top tips to engage at your conference :

Snappy intro – Tell the audience what is going to happen, when its going to happen and the topic overview so they can decide which parts to pay most attention to.

Use all tools available – Speak to the audience, but also include interesting facts they don’t already know. Use video, graphics, music to engage.

Pre-shoot video content – Pre – shooting video content brings the production value up to a great extent. You can spend time producing content that really gets the right mood and tone for your audience and tells a great story.

Rehearse the presentations – There is nothing like a rehearsal to iron out any kinks, it always pays off. Some presenter training works really well too, build the confidence of the speakers and give them a few tips to smash their delivery.

Start on time – Online audiences appreciate when you start and finish on time.

Cutting edge technology

Live link in a presenter – with the RSM live link camera, we can send a camera to another location and live link in the speaker to the main conference stream. This allows time poor people or VIP’s attend that would not be able to otherwise.

Green Screen -Don’t have a background you are happy with? No problem, we can use our Green Screen sets to give you a full professional stage set.

Social Media

Have conversations – Have a team ready to have conversations online during and after the event. It is a great time to build the hype, when you have the full attention of the audience. Allocate a team member to sit with a laptop, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, answering questions, raising topics, giving updates and further information. Most of this content can be pre-prepared, its not difficult.

Send short surveys during the event and publish the results as they come in, audiences love live insight.

Live Broadcast systems

The tools we use at RSM – RSM use Tricaster Live Production broadcast systems. They are tried and tested throughout the world and a favourite of US sports organisations because they work well and allow a major broadcast look to be achieved with a small team.

Red Square Media have been live broadcasting events for over ten years.

If it is 50 people or 5,000 people you want to engage with, the RSM virtual event will work for you.

Ask our team for more information, costs and how it might work for your event at

Or to speak to a member of the Red Square Media team 01 4018116


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