An update on the status and effects of Brexit

A look at the most recent production in a series we are creating with the Global Markets team in Bank of Ireland.

With negotiations changing on a near-daily basis and the intricacies of Brexit a mystery to most of us, an explanation from experts on the matters are needed now more than ever. That is why we have been creating a series of videos, in conjunction with Bank of Ireland and their Global Markets team, that are released in time with all the latest updates to the Brexit saga. Below is a shot from the most recent video in the series, in which Lee Evans and Robert Keegan speak about the latest votes in Westminster and what they mean for the global marketplace. Lee tells us precisely what effect each decision in the UK is having on exchange rates, businesses and stock prices globally.

To learn about the effects of the most recent Brexit matters you can watch this video and more in the series by clicking on the link below.


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