Takeda Prepare To Launch!

Takeda Grange Castle is a Pharmaceutical Company based in Dublin. The facility specializes in the development of the oncology medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

Takeda Grange Castle is the first of its kind to be located outside of Japan. It is a modern, automated multi-purpose facility with a high focus on Quality and Safety. Takeda Ireland will be launching a new Innovative Manufacturing Site in Dublin and Red Square Media have been tasked with documenting their journey towards that goal.

First, we needed to create a video that would be played on loop at the launch of the new facility. We interviewed key players who contributed to making the new building a reality. We made sure to emphasize how technologically advanced the facility really is and to highlight the positive impact the product will have on patients lives.

Lastly, we edited the footage together and created the short video to be played on loop in the background while the new building launch is taking place. The feedback from the client was very positive and they were so pleased with the end result.




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