Red Square Day Care!

As Bank of Ireland prepare to launch their new Youth Financial Literacy program, child actors from across Ireland descend upon Red Square Media.

Bank of Ireland have recently launched a new Financial Literacy program aimed at primary and secondary school students. The primary school program teaches children the importance of understanding money management from a young age and gives them the essential skills required to be sensible with their money as they go through life.


Bank of Ireland are offering a two-day workshop for 7-12-year olds that focuses on an engaging magazine where we meet an owl named Ollie who teaches kids the essentials about money. There’s also a ‘BizWorld @ Bank of Ireland’ Workshop targeted specifically at 5th class students, this workshops see’s the students creating a start-up company and learning important entrepreneurial skills including, risk analysis, critical thinking and teamwork to name a few.

The secondary school program has a much wider range of activities including, money management, earning and spending, starting a business and many more challenging activities. The students get a chance to learn about banking and how it works by setting up a ‘School bank’, this opens up CV enhancing opportunities including bank manager and digital marketing manager to name a few. For more information click here.




Here at Red Square Media we were given the task of creating a video which would increase young people’s awareness of Financial Literacy. So, we sat down, put our heads together and came up with the idea of getting a variety of kids of different ages and experience to come into our studio and tell us what they know about money. Once we were all happy with the idea, we got the ball rolling and started production. We started on Thursday the 15th of August bright and early and by 10am the children and their parents started to spill into the studio.

We were overjoyed with the quality of answers provided by the children that showed up and we can’t wait to get the video up on the Bank of Ireland website. Watch this space!

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