Scurri Production

We started on a cold morning in May deep in the Wicklow mountains, driving a beautiful vintage convertible car along an isolated road. This is how we began a long day of filming for the Scurri brand video. You can’t really complain when you get to start the day off with a view like the one above. Although the downside was it did require us to get to the location before sunrise and set up so we were ready to film and make the most of the beautiful rising sunlight for our shots. I think the results seen in the video made this all worthwhile.

Once we had finished in the fantastic Wicklow mountains it was time to move to our next locations in Portlaoise for the rest of the shoot.  We had to completely dress the house’s interior that we used to make it appear as if it was indeed the grandfather’s home. This took some considerable effort as many, many props had to be sourced and then placed within the home. There was a process of trial and error involved in the set dressing as we decided what would fit and what looked out of place. In the end I believe we achieved a believable home for our grandfather character and one in which he would happily spend his days.

All in all a long day and a lot of hard work came together to create an engaging and creative piece of content that illustrates how Scurri impacts people and their stories.

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